Saturday, 2 September 2017

Canadian National Exhibition- August 23rd, 2017

On August 23rd, my brother Scott, our Mom, and I made our annual trip down to Toronto to have some fun at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), also referred to as The Ex. We had a great day as the crowds weren't too heavy and the weather was just perfect as there was a slight breeze with some overcast at times. Below are many photos that capture the sights of the CNE.

Nearing quarter after 10am we arrived on the CNE grounds via Go Train from Oakville.
Here is a view of the iconic CN Tower and a large Canadian Flag as seen from the midway.
Prior to the midway opening at 11am, we decided to walk around the Exhibition grounds and take a look at some interesting displays in the Enercare Centre (formerly the Direct Energy Centre). Here is a view of one of the many sand sculptures on display created by sand artist from across Canada.
Here is a very detailed sand sculpture being created by an artist from the province of Quebec. 
Here is a sand sculpture being created by an entrant from British Columbia.
Here are some various rock sculptures created by a very talented guy who, according to a nearby sign will be ending his display at the CNE after doing it for 18 years. Also to be seen throughout the Enercare Centre are a lot of vendors selling many goods.
Here is a view of the Princess Margaret Gates, one of the entrances the lead visitors into the Ex. 
After the midway had opened at 11am, Scott and I first made our way to the Niagara Falls Log Flume. After a short while of riding rides, we eventually made our way around to the Gondola Wheel. Visitors to the CNE can get a relaxing view of the Exhibition Grounds as well as Toronto from this giant wheel.
Here is Scott on the Gondola Wheel as we make our way around.
Here is a view of myself riding the Gondola Wheel. You sure can get a nice view from up there!
Here is an overview of the main midway looking towards the former Ontario Place from the Gondola Wheel. Here you can see the Haunted Mansion on your lower left, next to that the Ring of Fire, then to the right of that is the Alpine Bobs, and then the Remix. The looking to the top left is the Euro Slide, then the Wave Swinger, and the Niagara Falls Log Flume. Coming back down on the right is the Merry Go Round, a Round-Up, a Tornado, a Rock'n'Cars bumper cars and a glimpse of the Pharaoh's Fury. In the center you can see a very fast Scrambler, a Quasar, the Swing Tower (a favourite of mine!), a Starship 4000, and a Mach 3 to top things off on that side.
Looking towards the direction of the Gardner Express, you can see many midway games along with the Blitzer roller coaster, a Tilt-A-Whirl (one of two), and the Mardi Gras Fun House.
Here is a slight glimpse of the ever popular Crazy Mouse!
Here is Quasar doing its thing!
Here is another view of the far midway we had seen a few photos back.
Here is the Wave Swinger swinging passengers gracefully through the air.
Here are a couple riders sliding down the huge Euro Slide. 
Here is another favourite of mine as seen from the Gondola Wheel!
Here is a view of the Mega Drop from the Gondola Wheel. The Mega Drop is a fun 130 foot tall drop tower manufactured by Fabbri of Italy. 
Here is the Banzai sending passengers head over heels many times, eventually momentarily stalling upside down before swinging in the opposite direction.
After a long ride on the Gondola Wheel, we had decided to get a bite to eat and then ride some more rides. After another hour or so of riding more rides, I decided to capture a photo of the Cliff Hanger in operation. 
Here is the forceful Orbitor coming in for a landing.
Here is the ever-popular Crazy Mouse giving some passengers a thrilling ride before the car begins to spin.
Here is the same green car heading up a steep double-up hill before the car begins to spin! About an hour before we left for the day, the Crazy Mouse had broken down. Luckily, we waited a while and it then re-opened. Scott and I were the first ones on just after it re-opened. It offered a decent ride. A little more spinning would have been appreciated.
Here is (what I believe to be) a Hrubetz Round-up brought by Campbell Amusements. The rest of the midway apart from this and the Scrambler is owned by North American Midway Entertainment Company. Scott and I took a spin on this classic Round-up which was very enjoyable as it had soft padding and wasn't too forceful.
A view of the Sky Ride from the ground from along the midway. Scott and I would later take a ride on it just before we left for the day.
Here are more vendors at the CNE nearby the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
Here is a distant view of the Kiddie midway.
Here is the smaller gondola wheel located in the kiddie midway.
If you have a young child, this is definitely the place to take them as the kiddie midway has pint-sized thrills! It also gets them worked up for the main midway in years to come.
It sure looks like their having a blast!
It sure was busy in the kiddie midway as young thrill seekers ran from ride to ride! 
After heading back to the main midway after a ride on the Express (a mode of transportation) and taking a ride on a few more rides, including the Crazy Mouse, we decided to take a ride on the Sky Ride. But before we did, I captured this photo of the new Rock'n'Cars bumper cars. It sure looked nice!
After venturing off near the Casino to get in line for the Sky Ride, Scott and I began to take a 40 foot high 8 minute glide across the Exhibition Place grounds. It sure was quite the view but quite nerve racking as it moves quite slow. Here is a view of the exit at the Enercare Centre (formerly the Direct Energy Centre).
Scott and I had made it safely to the ground and then went into the Enercare Centre to purchase some slabs of fudge. We then decided it was time to head home after a day of fun and excitement! Thank you for viewing my photos of our day at The Ex! :-)

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Canada's Wonderland- August 11th, 2017

Today marked our seventh visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland. It was a pleasant day as the temperature was cooler, and there were a couple afternoon showers that kept the crowds small, which allowed us to capture many rides. Below are some photos from our visit!

We entered the park shortly after 9:30am and happened to see Wonder Mountain with a slight glow from the sun on a somewhat dreary morning.
I decided to take a spin on Skyhawk this morning and managed to beat my previous record of 34 flips with a grand total of 44 flips. The wind provided the perfect conditions to do so!
After waiting a while in line for The Fly, it temporarily broke down. Since Scott and I had waited a while in the queue line and were one of the last ones around before being asked to leave, we were offered the opportunity to jump the queue and proceed through the exit path to ride once it did re-open. Here are passengers from one of the two stopped cars being safely evacuated.
This was my first time seeing a ride evacuation, so I decided to capture a couple of photos. The Fly was up and running later in the afternoon after the issue was resolved and a couple of rain showers had passed through.
Here is The Bat doing its thing!
Here is Shockwave during mid-operation.
During the afternoon it had showered twice. Here is a view of a downpour looking onto International Street.
Here is Spinovator in full operation later in the day. It still provides a fun ride every time I ride it!
Although I didn't ride it today, here is Riptide soaking some passengers after sending them heads over heels.
Here is Klockwerks sending riders sky high.
Here is Vortex whizzing by thrilling all those who were on board!
Here you can see Slingshot, Skyhawk, and Orbiter in operation.
Wonder Mountain sure was beaming in the sun today.
I didn't ride Krachenwagen today but, I thought I would capture a photo of it.
Here are some passengers enjoying their ride on the Krachenwagen.
After a day of fun and excitement, we decided to head out. Thanks for viewing the photos of our day at Canada's Wonderland!