Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Fantasy Island- October 13th, 2017

On Friday, October 13th, 2017, I had gone down to Grand Island for the day to visit my good friend Logan of The Amusement Parkrats and of course, check out Fantasy Island, making it my second visit ever to the park as my first visit was September 1st. This visit to Fantasy Island was special for me as I was checking out the Halloween Horror event which was a first for the park, and this also marked my first amusement park Halloween event which I have attended. It was a great evening at Fantasy Island as the park was done up well for an evening of scares and trills! Let's now get to the photos of the my evening at Fantasy Island!

We arrived at Fantasy Island shortly after 5:40pm to attend their Halloween Horror event. A giant spider was there to greet us! 
Once inside, we were immediately noticed the park's front display and water fountain which was turned into a horrific bloody mess. 💀
Before the sun had set, the Fantasy Island's Canoes ride was operating as 'Chemikill Canoes' for Halloween Horror. It sure was aptly themed!
The park sure was decked out with tons of cobwebs and fog to make it an eerie evening at the park!
While waiting for the back seat on the Silver Comet, I captured this photo of the Halloween decorations on the Waffles food stand. The park sure did a lot of decorating for this event! 
After catching a few rides on the park's rides, we decided it was time to check out the two scare mazes/haunted houses. Before we entered them, the fog sure was rolling across the park!
We ventured through the fog and made it to the Fear grounds which is home to scare actors and the two haunted houses! 
We had walked along the path to where the first Haunted House was, which was Savage City! It was pretty good early in the evening but was awesome and somewhat frightening at night!
After exiting the haunted house attraction, I took a few photos of the horror props found around the park.
The fog sure was thick at times throughout certain parts of the park! 
The fog created a bit of a haze so the sign for Savage City was slightly blurry when I had captured this photo. We had done Savage City a couple times after it had gotten dark which was awesome! Logan's Mom, Nikki sure was frightened then!
Up next was 'What's In The Box?'. This attraction was quite neat as it utilized an old transport trailer filled with heavy fog, purple lights, some actors wearing white masks, and a neon box you had to find before you were able to leave!
In the background, behind this old Volkswagen Beetle, you can see the trailer which housed, What's In The Box?. This attraction was quite disorientating in the early evening, but even more so at night! 
Fantasy Island had utilized old equipment of the park to create an eerie atmosphere. Here is one of the park's past staff members serving up blood and guts from an old pretzel machine. ;-)
Even some skeletons were having some fun!
After catching a ride on the Gondola Wheel and the Crazy Mouse, Logan and I climbed aboard the park's Antique Autos, aptly named 'Highway To Hell'.
While waiting to board the Highway To Hell (Antique Autos) car ride, I noticed that the park had put their old log flume's boats on display to add to the festivities. For those wondering, Highway To Hell featured fog along the track which gave a regular Antique Autos ride an eerie feeling!
Up next was the park's Scooter bumper car ride renamed 'Road Rage Cage- Resurrected' for the purpose of the Halloween Horror event.
As you can tell it was completely enclosed for Halloween Horror!
Once inside, you were riding a very disorientating version of bumper cars as there was fog and strobe lights. It was an awesome experience!
While waiting in line for 'Road Rage Cage- Resurrected', I managed to capture this eerie shot of the Silver Comet making its rounds! If you've ever been on the Silver Comet during the day and thought it was amazing, try it in complete darkness! That experience was truly amazing, especially when riding in the back seat! :-)
Here is the Mind Warp swinging back and forth before it looped over the top.
Here is the Mind Warp after making a complete rotation around, sending riders upside down.
While we were waiting for another ride on the Silver Comet at night, I captured Flight in operation. The reason for it being so blurry is because the whole ride spins.
Fantasy Island sure had every part of the park covered with Halloween displays. Interestingly enough, the park had placed large TV's in their unused food booths during the time of the event to create a more horrifying experience for visitors to Halloween Horror.
After an evening of thrills and chills, it was time to call it a day! I sure had a great time and would definitely like to check out Halloween Horror at Fantasy Island again in the future! Thank you for taking a look at my photos of this great event at Fantasy Island! :-)

Canada's Wonderland- October 7th, 2017

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 marked our 9th and final visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland. To end such an amazing season, Scott and I's cousin Lisa, along with our Mom came along for a day of fun and thrills on this damp and overcast day! Check out the photos below that ended another amazing season at Canada's Wonderland!

After getting Lisa a 'Season Pass Holder Bring a Friend' admission ticket, we entered the park shortly after 9:40am. It was somewhat cloudy.
Halloween Haunt happens weekend nights in October from 7pm-12am. The graveyard display at the front of the park where the floral Canadian flag usually sits looks good as usual!
While waiting for the rides to open at 10am, we checked out the interesting Halloween decorations set up along Halloween Haunt. Here is a lady skeleton with her pet cat. :-p
After nearly an hour of riding rides, we took a short break. Here are two skeletons whom got tired from swimming in the pool of Wonder Mountain.
As you can tell, it was a slightly damp and dreary day which later turned to sunshine and high winds.
Some skeletons were performing some high aerial climbs in Action Zone.
Like last year in October, the houses with the interesting doorbells were set up in front of Vortex in International Festival.
As you can tell, they were very popular among park visitors who were there during the day. I can only imagine how popular they are at night during Halloween Haunt! 
There was even fog to add to the fun and eerie-ness of the houses.
Here is Scott pressing one of the doorbells on this eerie house.
As you can tell, it had rained shortly before this photo was captured.
Here is a display of stacked pumpkins and jack o'lanterns just outside the entrance to Planet Snoopy.
Here is an interesting group shot of Lisa, Scott, our Mom and I after spending an amazing day at Canada's Wonderland. We sure got on a lot of rides due to the light crowds! 
After spending a great day at Canada's Wonderland, we decided it was time for us to leave and head home. I captured this final shot in tribute to an amazing season we had at Canada's Wonderland! It was another great season and we look forward to another one next year! A huge thanks goes out to all the staff of Canada's Wonderland for the awesome memories you created for us during the 2017 season! See ya' next year Canada's Wonderland!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Acton Fall Fair- September 17th, 2017

On the third and final day of the 104th Acton Fall Fair, that being Sunday, the temperatures soared to an unseasonably 28°C (82.4°F). This sure made it hot out, but that didn't swelter the fun one bit! Be sure to check out the photos of Sunday at the fair below! Also, be sure to check out photos from Friday and Saturday of the 104th Acton Fall Fair if you haven't done so already!

The beginning of the final day of the 104th Acton Fall Fair.
The midway wasn't busy at this time but the crowds began to pick up later in the day.
Here is the vibrant Tilt-A-Whirl spinning a couple of passengers to their hearts content.
The Avalanche was waiting for some visitors of the fair to board.
It appears that the Zero Gravity was testing before opening for the day. 
Scott and I met up with an old high school friend, Kyle. We rode a few rides together. Here we are on the Berry-Go-Round. We spun that berry so hard we got stuck to the walls. Here you can see Scott in pain. ;-)
Here's Kyle stuck to the wall! Before this photo, he was stuck on his side. We definitely thought we were going to die on this by how hard we spun the berry! It sure made for a hilarious and great time! ;-)
Here are some fair goers getting in some bumper car fun during the last day of the fair!
Later that day, Scott and I rode more rides again. Here we are taking another ride on the Mulligan Wheel.
Here is Scott taking a spin on the Mulligan Wheel.
The Sizzler was still sizzlin'!
A miniature Pony Kart show was taking place off in the distance.
Looking straight down the Mulligan Wheel from the top!
The Ice Cream truck sure was a popular destination for fair goers throughout the day due to the unseasonably warm temperatures!
Some fair goers having fun on the Fun Slide as seen from the Mulligan Wheel.
Cliff Hanger in the shadows of the clouds.
After a fun weekend at the Acton Fall Fair, it was time for it to come to an end. 
Here's one last shot of the beautiful Tilt-A-Whirl.
A few passengers taking one last spin on the Himalaya before closing time! Thanks for taking a look at my photos of the 104th Acton Fall Fair! :-)